Top 10 of PSX Era

Curious about the gaming escapades of this eccentric Elf on the PSX? Join me for a trip down memory lane as we explore the games that shaped my gaming experience!

TOP 10

Sora Miyuki 空 美雪

11/13/20237 min read

I really want to compile my top 10 favorite games from any given console. Fortunately, growing up in a family full of boys meant we always had access to different consoles, and we frequently swapped them around, providing opportunities to play exclusive games our home system didn't offer. Let's start with the good old PSX, the very first PlayStation.

Gaming was quite pricey back then, and my game choices were heavily influenced by what my brother and his friends purchased. Games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or any Crash Bandicoot didn't make the list simply because I didn't get a chance to play them. Without further ado, let's dive into the list.

Number X

"Dino Crisis 2" is a "survival horror" game that, in reality, is not scary at all. It was developed and published by Capcom. I'm not going to lie; I needed to check the internet to remember the main characters' names. But fear not, Uncle Google is here, and you take control of two characters: Regina and Dylan. When I started playing "Dino Crisis 2," I anticipated a ride similar to "Resident Evil 2," but what I experienced was a fun action-arcade shooter that encouraged rushing forward and grabbing those sweet combos. That was the enjoyable aspect of the game. As I put on my thinking cap and consider games I'd like to see revived, "Dino Crisis" is among those.

Dino Crisis 2

Number IX

One of my favorite JRPG games of all time is "Chrono Trigger," a SENS game that caught me by surprise and introduced me to the Japanese way of making RPGs. I was expecting "Chrono Cross" to be similar, but it wasn't. Still, the game's story was amazing, surprising, and unexpected. Allies became enemies, enemies became allies, and you became your enemy. It was a crazy ride; Square Soft pulled magic out of their hat and took me on an unexpected journey. The music was breathtaking, and the intro music is on my playlist. This is a must-play for any JRPG fan out there!

Chrono Cross

Number VIII

Yeah, I said it. "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" is one of the best games on PSX. I played Tekken and Virtual Fighter, but I am a 2D fan; I preferred "Mortal Kombat" and "Street Fighter" over any other 3D fighting game. Sindel, Katana, and Sonya Blade were my favorite characters. I even remember the Fatality for Sindel: R2>R2>R1>R1>R2+R1. It was good fun when we had tournaments, and we played until our fingers developed blisters. Good times!

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Number VII

"Silent Hill" was the first game that scared me. I hate horror movies, but I love horror games, and it's all thanks to "Silent Hill." I played it at night when my brother was sleeping. Covered in a blanket, I would scream and hide under it each time a cat jumped out of a locker, but I always came back. I have not played "Silent Hill 2"; I'm not sure why. But I couldn't stop playing "Silent Hill 1."

Silent Hill

Number VI

When I reflect on it, I wasn't a big fan of "Metal Gear Solid" until "MGS3" on PS2, yet I couldn't stop playing the original "MGS." Have you ever experienced that feeling where you don't think you like something, but you keep coming back for more? That's precisely how I felt about "MGS" back then. I believe I just didn't want to admit to the boys that I genuinely enjoyed this game. While they were loving it, I was casually saying, "Yeah, whatever." However, I did manage to finish "MGS," and I truly enjoyed it.

Metal Gear Solid

Number V

You didn't expect that, huh? "FF7" is not my favorite Final Fantasy, no. The reason for that is because I dropped it mid-game. Aerith was my favorite character, and all the time I spent with her in Gold Saucer ended abruptly with her death. I was crying for days; my pillow was soaked from tears. Yes, I am not a sane person; I am very emotional. Aerith's death made me hate "Final Fantasy VII." Oh yeah, spoilers for a 20-year-old game, sorry! My second favorite character was Vincent. When I returned to "FFVII" after completing "VIII," I spent hours trying to find the White Materia, as some trolls in magazines kept claiming there were ways to resurrect Aerith. More spoilers: it was cut content! Bastards!

Final Fantasy VII

Number IV

Oh yes, 2000 - I was a fan of band HIM. My nails were black like my wardrobe, and I was in love with Squall, having his posters on my walls. I acted like him, not giving a care to anything. Even though I'm Polish, the most used word for me was "Whatever." "Final Fantasy VIII" was a game that, back then, was everything I wanted. An escape from school and home, a story that I could just immerse myself in and forget about everything. This is the game I finished more times than any other. The story was captivating, the characters were great, and those graphics back then were stunning. But it was the music that gave me the most peace of mind. I was pretending to be emo; I was truly myself when I was listening to the "FFVIII" soundtrack. It was also a time when we moved from my home and my friends that I was playing AD&D2e with to the countryside, so "FFVIII" filled a void in my heart.

Final Fantasy VIII

Number III

This happened during the summer. We had the PSX and "Resident Evil 2," and there were five of us. The only thing missing was the memory card. We took turns, learning the placement of every enemy. Each of us coached the players, saying things like, "Behind this door is a zombie on the floor. If you shoot him, stab him with a knife twice, and run back, then shoot him." We couldn't afford mistakes, as each one meant starting the game from the beginning. It was one of the best times I've ever had playing video games. That's why I will always remember "Resident Evil 2" with Clare Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

Resident Evil II

Number II

Final Fantasy Tactics was a game that will stay in my heart as one of the best Turn Based Strategy games of all time. The Japanese school of storytelling and turn based strategy made such an amazing combination that blew me away. It is a shame that this version of Final Fantasy never really was able to gain as much popularity as the main series, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was really bad. I do remember Art Style was something that I really enjoyed.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Number I

"Final Fantasy IX" stands as the best entry in the entire franchise. I remember playing "Final Fantasy" on the NES. When I delved into "Final Fantasy VII" and "VIII," I was on a hunger for more after being forced into retirement from AD&D2e. The only things that kept me going were Forgotten Realms books and the Black Company series. When "Final Fantasy IX" returned to its fantasy roots, I was on cloud nine.

For me, "FFIX" delivered on every single front. Graphics were at their best on the PSX; there was no better-looking game. The story was filled with mystery, unforgettable moments, and the music – oh, the music! It boasts THE BEST soundtrack from the Final Fantasy series. Nobuo Uematsu created the most emotional music he could muster. This, to me, is THE BEST game from the original PlayStation. I am extremely, extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to speak with Nobuo Uematsu during the 2017 Distant Worlds Concert in London.

Final Fantasy IX

Compiling this list was a trip down memory lane, reminding me of the challenging times these games helped me overcome. Gaming became my solace during a period of forced change, shaping me into the slightly eccentric, ADHD-afflicted elf I am today. Until next time, many more list awaits!