Tales from Honkai Star Rail

Science of Love

Created and written by

Sora Miyuki 空 美雪

In the confined corridors of the Herta Spacestation, two brilliant scientists, George and Sianna, embarked on a journey of discovery. George, a passionate and imaginative soul, found himself captivated by a renowned group of heroes called the Galactic Sentinels, whose valour and powers were unmatched, yet it was only fiction. Inspired by their bravery, he yearned to be known as GENM, a name that resonated with his own heroic aspirations.

Sianna, with her fiery red hair cascading down her shoulders, served as George's trusted assistant. She possessed an intellect as vibrant as her locks, her admiration for George hidden beneath her professional demeanour. Unbeknownst to George, her heart fluttered with affection for him, yet she respected his yearning for the alias GENM, even if it left her feeling a tinge of sadness.

Their days were immersed in groundbreaking scientific research within the walls of the Herta Spacestation. Their shared passion led them to delve into the mysteries of a peculiar and elusive virus. But fate took an unexpected turn. The virus they studied broke free from its containment within the lab, threatening to spread its malevolence throughout the space station. In a desperate effort to prevent an outbreak, the lab was placed under lockdown, trapping George and Sianna inside.

With their lives hanging in the balance, George and Sianna forged ahead, their determination unwavering. They knew that finding a cure was their only hope for survival. Days turned into sleepless nights as they tirelessly worked side by side, their shared connection growing stronger amidst the urgency of their task. Sianna's red locks, vibrant and resolute, stood as a symbol of their unwavering resolve.

Finally, their efforts bore fruit. Through their tireless research, they managed to develop a potential cure, a glimmer of hope amidst the enclosed space of the lab. However, there was a heart-wrenching revelation that only one dose of the cure was available.

Sianna, was the first to realize the limited supply of the cure. Torn between her love for George and the dire situation they faced, she made a silent decision. Determined to protect him, she chose to withhold the truth from George, keeping the devastating reality to herself.

Sianna only smiled when injected GENM, he stormed out of the lab in excitement, he defeated his opponent, he need to share that news with everyone, Sianna watched him go with a heavy heart. She longed for him to see her affection, to recognize her feelings. But in that moment, her love for him outweighed any personal desire.

Alone in the lab, Sianna's red hair shimmered with a mixture of sadness and resolve. The weight of her sacrifice bore heavily on her heart, knowing that she had injected George with the cure that would save his life while sealing her own fate. As the virus continued to ravage her body, Sianna felt a searing pain coursing through her veins, a reminder of the price she was paying for love.

But even in her final moments, Sianna mustered a bittersweet smile. She had made her choice, driven by an unwavering devotion to George. She held onto the belief that he would continue his journey, unlocking the mysteries of the universe, and perhaps one day, he would come to understand the depths of her affection.

vSianna's breaths grew shallow, her strength fading with each passing second. Yet, amidst the pain, she found solace in the knowledge that George would carry on, his life saved by her selfless act. As her vision blurred and her body weakened, Sianna's smile remained, a beacon of courage and love.

In those last moments, Sianna's thoughts were consumed by George. She hoped that he would live a life filled with purpose, inspired by her sacrifice, and that he would find happiness even as the memory of her gradually faded away. Her red locks, once vibrant and full of life, now cascaded around her face like a halo of fleeting memories.

As Sianna took her final breath, her smile lingered as a testament to her extraordinary love. Her sacrifice may have gone unnoticed by the man she adored, but it was etched into the very fabric of the universe, forever shaping the trajectory of their intertwined destinies. George come back to the lab after a few hours, his heart sank when he discovered Sianna lying motionless on the floor. A wave of sorrow and regret washed over him as he realized the truth. Sianna had sacrificed her own life to save him, her unspoken love forever locked away in her heart.

George knelt beside Sianna, overcome with grief and remorse. He realized how blind he had been to her affections, how he had failed to see the depth of her devotion. In that moment, he vowed to honour Sianna's memory and carry on her legacy, ensuring that her sacrifice would never be forgotten.

From that day forward, George dedicated himself to continuing their research, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery in Sianna's name. He established the Sianna Research Foundation, pouring his heart and soul into finding cures for the most devastating diseases, driven by the memory of the woman who had saved his life...