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The internet is filled with amazing content creators who deserve attention. Those incredible writers, artists, TTRPG creators, and map makers have caught my attention. I would love to support each and every single one of them, even with something as small as shouting them out here in my little Hall of Fame!

And guess what? You just made the list!

TTRPG Content Creators:

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The Brown Wizard is a captivating TTRPG content creator, whose insightful blog delves into a wide array of tabletop role-playing game topics, ranging from the intricate details of weather within your campaign to other engaging subjects.

"Dystopian Dawn: 2526" by Fractured Brain Studios is a dynamic Sci-Fi and Fantasy TTRPG system that seamlessly blends elements such as barbarians, wizards, sci-fi technology, magical prowess, liches, psionics, mutants with a post-apocalyptic settings. This unique game also boasts a rich lore, intense survival challenges, and a set of straightforward yet adaptable mechanics.

The Tabletop Role-Playing (RPG, TTRPG) Realm of Sesamar is a tumultuous one. It has strong winds, shaky grounds, fiery volcanos, and rushing waters. This makes for hardy characters and deadly monsters. Nothing else could survive in these harsh lands. The realm exists to give game masters a setting to build adventures. Tedious details (like cities, towns, bar menus, maps, ...) are already established. It eases the game master's burden and it creates a cohesive setting for characters to enjoy their role-playing experiences.

The Amethyst Dragon, boasting over three decades of experience in creating homebrew content for D&D, offers a treasure trove of 5e resources on their Patreon. However, a visit to their website unveils an extensive, freely available library of content ready for your D&D adventures!

Lost Lore Library is a English gentleman, married to an American beauty, enjoyer of fantastical stories, dabbler in fictional prose, delver of dungeons, and slayer of dragons. Here he collect his thoughts on Fantasy in all its myriad forms, from literature, to the table top, to the virtual realm and beyond.

Amazing Map Makers:

Mauna Maps is a remarkable cartographer, known for crafting exquisite battle maps that elevate your tabletop encounters to a whole new level.

Noctua Cartography is the talent responsible for creating breathtaking regional and city maps, including iconic locales such as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter, Sword Coast, Tamriel, and even the enchanting realms from The Witcher series. But the magic doesn't stop there. Noctua Cartography also extends the opportunity for custom commissions, ensuring that your unique world can come to life through their expert map-making skills.

Snowy’s Maps specialise in making fantasy and medieval maps for TTRPGs, like DnD5e and Pathfinder 2e. She also love remaking maps from PF2e content! Check out Snowy' s Maps Patreon today!

Extraordinary Artist:

Captivating Writers:

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