Juniper, Follower of Abaddon

In the hidden depths of the Feywild, the name Juniper strikes both awe and dread. She was once a carefree satyr, but her life took a dark turn when she discovered an ancient, forbidden tome filled with secrets of poison and necromancy. Her once joyous tunes grew somber, and her laughter sent chills through the hearts of those who heard it.

She learned of Abaddon, a being from the Abyss, and became obsessed with the idea of spreading his influence and serving at his right hand. Her lust for power led her to betray her dearest friends, luring them into her sinister schemes.

Now, she's a mastermind of deception, enchanting mortals and fey alike. Legends speak of the eerie glow in her eyes and her control over the forest itself. Her ultimate goal is to create a rift between the planes, allowing Abaddon to plunge the world into chaos.

Juniper is a power-hungry harbinger of the Abyss, and her true allegiance lies with chaos and darkness.

Dungeons & Dragons

5th Edition