1K Xwitter Ask Me Anything!

In celebration of the Elven Maid Inn Xwitter milestone, we recently hosted an AMA on my Xwitter. You posed questions, and now it's time for me to provide the answers!

Sora Miyuki 空 美雪

12/14/202317 min read

What does the average day in the life of the Elf Maid look like? And how much of that time is spent thinking about Fantasy rather than the task at hand?
Jack, Chronicler of the Northlands (@LostLoreScholar)
Has your child played in one of your campaigns? If so, what are your rules? Are you strict or super lenient?
PremiumHeart (@PremiumHeart88)

I have a pretty regular day. I wake up at 7 am to get my son ready for school. By 9 am, I'm back home and spend my time writing stories, creating TTRPG content, getting ready for upcoming game sessions and playing games. Around 11 am, I'm busy cooking and cleaning until 1 pm, when it's time for me to head to work. I work in a factory from 2 pm to 10 pm. Even though I'm doing my job, my mind is usually off in a fantasy world where I create and live adventures. I get home around 11 pm and stay up until 1 am playing games or writing.

Yep! I play with him a lot. He's almost 6, and I'm hoping he gets into TTRPGs like I do. Sometimes, it's tough to keep him interested, and hitting an hour is a big deal. Right now, we're doing a simpler version of D&D 5e. But I'm on the lookout for an even easier TTRPG for kids, with less tricky math. I really love it when he gets all excited about fighting dragons!

Thoughts on AI art as a TTRPG tool?

Danjal (@Danjal7777)

I wrote a whole blog post about this on this website, I do recommend reading it to have in-depth understanding of my reasoning. In short however, I am not ani-AI. In my opinion AI is a Tool that can benefit TTRPG Creations, I do believe it should be regulated so artists can opt-out from their work being used in learning process and I do believe that use of AI tools should be disclosed on the cover so customer knows that AI was used in creating this content. If I create content that I will charge for I would rather not use AI Art for it.

What's the difference between Polish culture and other cultures in the world?

Andrey || contos no fixado (@NoctuaAthenes)

There are a few customs in Polish culture that are totally different from other cultures! One that comes to mind right away is that Poles wear wedding bands on the right hand; wearing a wedding band on the left hand means that the partner of that person has passed away. Another "fun" custom is called "Śmigus Dyngus" or "Wet Monday." It happens during Easter Monday. In the past, it was a custom between boys and girls when boys poured water on girls as a sign of affection. Nowadays, it's an all-out water brawl between anyone. But there are more Polish customs that are fun!

TheDungeonDelver (@A_DungeonDelver)
TheDungeonDelver (@A_DungeonDelver)

Favorite class to play, and why is it fighter/magic-user/thief?

More seriously: Miniatures or no miniatures?

That is a tough one; I don't usually play D&D as a player. Since returning to the TTRPG hobby, I've only played twice, once as a Cleric and once as a Monk, both in 5th edition games. I will be playing soon as a homebrew class called "Accursed: Curse of Misfortune" and a Ghost race, so I can't wait to test it! Regarding AD&D 2nd Edition, I remember playing as both a Cleric and a Fighter. My favorite one would be the Cleric. As someone who loves lore and storytelling, the Cleric class always provides me with the most flexibility in creating a backstory. Soon, I will upload the backstory of my kinky cleric to the blog!

There is no good answer for that question! I believe that you don't need anything other than your imagination, so miniatures are not essential to the game. I often play without miniatures, using crisps and other items to show on the table where everyone is. In my online games, we use tokens and maps, but if I had enough money and time to paint figures, then I would love to have them on my table, along with all those amazing handmade battlefields! I need win Lotto!

What's your class elf?

Blackwood ENVtuber (@BlackwoodLegend)

I do believe I am Cleric of Chaos!

Sonicus (@SonicusMaximus)

If you had to choose ONE single die to use (and the game’s ruleset conformed to your choice), which one would it be?

My pick would be D6! Easy and Classic!

BeHold my beer (@DevronAlistar)

High Elf or Dark Elf

That is dirty question! Especially when you use Deedlit and Pirotess images with question! I will need to go with High Elves!

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Vixsune (@FoxyVixsune)

This is how I become public enemy... I love Pineapples on my pizza...

What is your fav. magical item?

Mauna Maps (@MaunaMaps)
Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity - I am not sure if that item was in AD&D but it was in Baldur's Gate that was based on AD&D. I love cursed items and I was very disappointed that 5e ditched the concept. I used Girdle of Femininity in one of my games, player, a Barbarian, did not bother to identify item and put it on...
SpaceTime Sorcerer (@SpaceTimeSorc)

What is your name?

My name is Lady Sora Miyuki of Camelot! or Emi!

What is your quest?

SpaceTime Sorcerer (@SpaceTimeSorc)

To seek the Holy Grail... and dominate the World... and quit my job...

SpaceTime Sorcerer (@SpaceTimeSorc)

What is your favorite colour?

It's not blue! Its Silver!

What's your favorite OSR system?

Noden (@Noden79)

The only Old School systems I played are Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2e and Earthdawn. I am not sure if Earthdawn is OSR therefore I would say AD&D2e

Noden (@Noden79)

If you don't have a favorite, which would you most like to try?

I am currently moving away from 5e to Castles & Crusaders and that is considered OSR, but there are two systems I would like to try one day "Lamentations of the Flame Princess" and "Beyond the Wall".

Alter Ego (@AlterEg33602161)

What's on the menu at the Inn?

I am glad you asked! As part of Milestone Celebrations I will share some amazing Elven recopies for straight from Elven Maid Inn cooking book! They should be available on the site when you read this AMA!

Tabletop Copywriting (@RileyJamesCopy)

Lake house or beach house?

Lake house every time! Especially if its surrounded by forest!

The OG GM's Adventures. (@oggm_adventures)

Favorite sandwich?

Chip Butty!!

Jaeger2345 (@Jaeger234560145)

Seelie or Unseelie?

Unseelie! They are allies of the Witches and I am part of the Coven!

Grinch_Who_Stole_Bitches OFFICIAL (@shlush303)

Favorite gaming snacks?

Does Mead count as snack? If not then Crisps - Crunchips Cheese and Chili.

Eric Diaz (@EricDiaz_RPG)

My question is... how to get to 1k followers? :)

There is not much I can share to be honest, be true to yourself, share your passion, collaborate. There is many factors that will influence growth of your channel, but exposure will be the main factor, you won't grow if people will not see you. Finding people that share you passion and joining conversation will expose your Xwitter to new people, that would be first step!

Sakata Gintoki (@Gin_san98)

Sakata Gintoki (@Gin_san98)

Sakata Gintoki (@Gin_san98)

Sakata Gintoki (@Gin_san98)

Sakata Gintoki (@Gin_san98)

What's your favorite type of drink (alcoholic or not)?

Do you like spicy food?

Cold or Hot weather?

What's an anime that you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving?

What would be your dream job?

I love Mead, my guilty pleasure is playing 4X games and pretend to be an Empress who build empire while drinking Mead from Viking Horn!

I do, I like spicy Crisps and I like the taste of Tabasco!

Hard choice, but I rather Winter and warm house with wood crackling in fireplace!

Most recent "Aoashi", I hate football or soccer and I was forced to watch "Aoashi" but after two first episodes I could not stop watching it.

TTRPG and Board Games Pub Owner. Where you can come with friends, play TTRPG, Board Games, Consoles or watch eSport and drink Bear! Elven Maid Inn!

KroppyWargaming (@KroppyWargaming)

Favorite class to play in classic wow?

During Vanilla WoW I have played as Shadow Priest, now in Classic Hardcore I played Hunter but rolled to Paladin and I enjoy it quite a bit!

Aron Linde (@LindeAron)

Will you send feet pics to @Gingerblast for her to repost? Asking for a friend...

Everything for my favourite Ginger on Xwitter!

Aron Linde (@LindeAron)

But seriously now. What TTRPG themes do you prefer? (Ie cyberpunk, fantasy, scifi, western)

I always had a soft spot for Steampunk! Magic vs Technology!

Aron Linde (@LindeAron)

How do you see these Themes/Genres playing out in the future?

Fantasy was always the most popular genre, but after success of first edition of D&D we had a lot of other genre popping out. Now with 5e making TTRPG popular again I do belive Fantasy will become mundane again and then other genres will surge to popularity but I doubt they will dethrone Fantasy genre.

Do you think there is space for a resurgence of cross theme systems? Like Shadowrun

I really enjoyed lore of Shadowrun! And yes, I do believe that there is space for cross theme systems. Elves in Space, Mechas and Bloodpunk and many more, the only thing we need is to some kind of "push" for it, something like Iron Man was for Comics Movies, something that will show publishers there is market for such things.

What kind of elves are best? High elves? Wood elves? Drow? Eladrin? Shadar Kai? Sea elves? Maybe ranking them from most to least favorite would work.

Aron Linde (@LindeAron)

RealGreyMage (@RealGreyMage)

Shadar Kai being least favourite, Eladrin, Sea Elves, Drows, High Elves, Astral Elves, Wood Elves and my favourite - Space Elves!

Fifle (@Fiflethetwit)

What 'is' the Elven Maid Inn?

Elven Maid Inn is a creation to help fight demons! But if fate will be kind to me maybe it will become a journey to become writer or a way to open TTRPG Pub

Fifle (@Fiflethetwit)

What goes on there?

Magic! Magic happens there! And loads of drinking...

How many pennies will an elf need for a bottle of brandywine?

Fellow Elves drink for free!

Aron Linde (@LindeAron)

Why are Teiflings better than Elves?

I don't know what kind of Hellish magic influenced you but those Hellspawns they are not, never were, never will be better than Elves! Greater Restoration!